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Fab Collabs!

I tried my best to be witty, but I now realize that title is completely cheesy. That's okay because I'm so happy that I've been collaborating with one of my best friends, Terry, who has a business called Ms. Terry's Soaps & Such ( If you haven't had a chance to check out her soaps, they are amazing! I'm going to be showcasing new inventory and new fall baskets throughout this week.

The first basket is my Owl Sit Here basket. It features the Oatsy Owl from Ms. Terry's Soaps & Such. It also contains a 100% soy candle and a clamshell of soy wax melts. The candle and wax melts are Egyptian Amber scent. Finally, the basket contains one of my sunflower small floral arrangements.

Everything in this basket is handmade - the floral arrangement, the candle, the wax melts, and the soap. As always, thank you for supporting small business!!!

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