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Here Come The Gift Baskets!!!

I'm so excited to kick off the holiday season with gift baskets! You can mix and match items, as well. Pictured above are my Peppermint Pizzazz Trio, my Sunflower Fall Trio, and my Pink and Green Trio. The trios include a 4-6 ounce body scrub (can be a sugar scrub or salt scrub), 100% soy candle, and small floral arrangement. Each item in the trio can be sold separately. Want two candles? No problem. Two body scrubs? You bet! Three candles or body scrubs? My pleasure!

Candle scents and body scrub scents can match, or you can mix and match. The possibilities are endless! And speaking of endless possibilities....

Stay tuned for an awesome collaboration coming soon! I'm super excited for the next announcement! For now, you can order body scrubs, candles, or trio sets here on the website and on Etsy. Go ahead, indulge yourself. ;)

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