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It's About Balance

It's About Balance, Mommy, I was told by my oldest son when he finished his first ski lesson. He said that his ski instructor had spent the majority of the lesson making sure that he was balanced on the skis. If you're not balanced, then you simply don't stay upright. You become one with the snow (and not necessarily in a good way). I try to remember that, especially at this time of year.

So what does all of that have to do with my new wreath? Well, I made a Mabon (Fall) wreath. In many ancient cultures, Fall was seen as the end of the year. This was the time when crops were harvested. The nights began to grow longer, and it seemed like the world was slowing down. Once the harvest celebrations were done, the world rested while the Earth slept. It begins to awaken in the spring. I still take Fall to symbolize the year winding down. Now is the time to find that inner balance and harmony. Reflect on all that you have sown throughout the year, and prepare for the well deserved rest that's ahead. Yes, the home decor business heats up during the holidays (new decor is stocking soon!!!), but right now it feels like last year is winding down and a new year (and new school year) is gearing up to start.

I loved this wreath so much that I made one to keep, but will make the rest to order. You can specify the letter in the center. On the bottom, I placed three stones: clear quartz, Tiger's Eye, and Amethyst. These stones are known for aiding in harmony and balance. You can request the stones on the wreath, or take them off altogether. That's the great thing about home decor. It may seem like something random hanging on the wall, but it's very personal.

Don't forget that you can always email me for custom decor. The Fall line continues to roll out, and our holiday line is next! Stay tuned! Please subscribe to our email list for discounts on merchandise and shipping. Happy fall, y'all!!

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