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Make It Fluffier? You've Got It!

Happy Tuesday! Do you believe that June is almost over? I can't. But, as the summer flies on, I'm gearing up for the fall and holiday seasons! Last year, I received a lot of support during the holiday season, and I'm super grateful. I also received some great feedback from my customers. One customer wanted me to do a wreath that was super fluffy. So, I tried my best to make that happen!

The first wreath you see if the 14 inch Kwanzaa wreath. The second wreath is the 18 inch Kwanzaa wreath, that I have revamped this year to make "fluffier". When I add the mesh, this wreath is super big and measures about 24 inches in diameter! This would be perfect for a large front door or an outside door. For size comparison, I placed the 18 inch Kwanzaa wreath against a 14 inch Paw Patrol Skye wreath. That Kwanzaa wreath is much bigger! They are available now, and of course, they are going to ship in an oversized (24 inch) box.

Holiday shipping times will be coming out soon, and I'll update everyone as soon as I find out the cutoff dates for each carrier. May the odds be ever in our favor....

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