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Needing Some Zen

So, I did created something a little bit different from the normal wreaths and candles. I created a meditation box. I needed to do it for me. I've been working on meditation for quite some time, and I've found that journaling helps me focus. I created the meditation box so that I could write down my goals and work on manifesting those goals. Usually whenever I meditate, I burn a candle. That helps me focus and I try to choose scents that are calming. Lavender is a favorite. So is peppermint. Since it's fall, I've started incorporating fall scents. I LOVE the pumpkin chai scent. That scent brings me to my happy place, so I use it often.

Do you need to write things down when you meditate? Absolutely not. Do you need an absolutely quiet room? Nope, although many people prefer that. I've meditated in quiet places and in loud places. Being in a loud place forces me to focus on my goals and meditation even more than usual. I like the challenge of that.

One of my friends asked if I would be selling meditation boxes. Sure, I can do that. I think that I'll sell these as a custom order. On my box, I wrote the symbol for Om on the top, and I wrote my personal mantra on the inside of the top lid. I laid mosaic tile all around the box in the chakra colors. As far as the candle is concerned, I use all different colors depending on what I want to accomplish. This particular candle is white and scented in Mahogany Shea, one of my fall favorites. This is special to me, but I understand that everyone may be different, so I'll offer the meditation box and the votive candle as a custom set. Please message me if you'd like to order, and I'll be happy to create a meditation box for you.


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