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Scrumptious Scents

Hello and Happy Friday! I've had many inquiries into candle scents and colors recently. Let me try my best to clarify a few things. First, candles do not have to be dyed. I use 100% soy wax (no blends), so the candle will appear white in color if I don't add any dye. If you select "white" for color in the candle listings, then your candle will not have any dyes added.

Second, candles do not have to be scented. I do feature scents every month, but all scents that I carry are available at any time. The list of scents is as follows:

~ Calla Lily (featured for March)

~ Heavenly Hazelnut Coffee (featured for March)

~ Crazee Coconut (aka, Jamaica Me Crazy - featured for March)

~ Amore Magicko (similar to LoveSpell)

~ Sweet Shea

~ Egyptian Dusk

~ Mojito Mintisimo

~ Chardonnay

~ Orchid by the Sea

~ White Sage & Lavender

~ Ocean Zen

~ Cactus Blooms

~ Fireside Chat

~ Gothic Library

~ Wassail

~ Warm Apple Strudel

~ Unscented

As always, candles are buy 3, get 1 free. Please check back as we are constantly switching featured scents and adding more scents! Thank you for supporting small business!

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