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Tea. Lights. And vacation.

First, I'd like to start off with a big thank you to everyone who supported Gorgeous Casa throughout this year, and especially during this holiday season. You all have had me hopping, and I appreciate every single order. As you all know, I've sold wax melts for quite a while. So, if you have an electric wax melter, you've been able to avoid a wickless version of our candles. But what about those of you who love wax melts, but you have a traditional wax warmer? Well, we now have tea light candles available in our store. These come in unscented, and scented for those who want to try a small sample of our fragrances. Of course, these candles are 100% hand-poured soy, and are available in a round (circle) shape, and heart-shaped through February. Grab them with your favorite wax melts today!

Finally, I will be out of the shop for about 5 days between Christmas and New Years. You will still be able to place orders, but please know that there will be a delay in shipping next week. I'll be back in the shop the following week, gearing up for the new Crossvine at Connerton market on January 15. See you soon!

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